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We firmly believe that youth development through sports
is one of the best schools of life.

our values

Self-Discipline, integrity,
respect and hard work

At Hub1916, we firmly believe that youth sport is one of the best schools in life. Through sports, youngsters all over the world learn how to dream big, how to win and lose and how to keep moving forward through hardships.

Through sports, the young generation of kids also learns about self-discipline, respect, hard work, nutrition and many other life-applicable skills that will help shape the world of tomorrow.


From an athlete to others.

alexis gemme-piacente

Like many other young kids, our co-founder, Alexis Gemme-Piacente, was brought up playing many different sports. Growing up in a family of athletes, Alexis quickly fell in love with competitive sports and more specifically, with the developmental process required to become a successful athlete.

Little did he know, all those sports-related skills developed throughout his athletic career would eventually shape the successful businessman that he is now.


Youth Growth & Development

A portion of the profits generated by each order will be donated by Hub1916 to the development of youth in sports. Encouraging youth development through sports is Hub1916’s way of positively influencing the world of tomorrow.

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Sustainable Innovation

All of our products are made from recycled plastic bottles. Join us in our quest to make the world of sports apparel more sustainable and more eco-friendly. 

Why? Because we finally can!


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